The Career Fair is a part of ASHA’s three-day annual Convention and is the place where job seekers and employers connect.  ASHA’s Career Fair features employers from schools, private practice, universities, hospitals and corporations who are ready to hire. Plan now to interview qualified professionals at the ASHA Career Fair.

Jobs are searchable online at

For technical help (you’re having difficulty logging in, you can’t  figure out how to post your job vacancy, etc.) please contact Career Fair Customer Service Help at 888-491-8833 ext. 1014 or e-mail

Please note that by registering for this event you agree to the terms outlined in the Convention Liability Agreement.

Note: The following sections of the Convention Liability Agreement do not apply to the ASHA Career Fair exhibitors:

  • Carpet
  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractors
  • Statistics

    Find out what past Career Fair employers think about the ASHA Career Fair at Convention.


  • Dates and Location

    Pennsylvania Convention Center
    November 17–19, 2016
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Other Information 

  • What Your Package Includes

    A 9′  deep  x 10′ wide  booth with one 6′ skirted table, three grey side...Read More


  • Career Fair Booth Rates

    Through October 17, 2016:
    9′ x 10′ premium booth space (booths near high traffic areas) = $1,025 per booth
    9′ x 10′ standard booth space = $875 per booth

    After October 17, 2016:
    9′ x 10′ booth = $1,100 per booth

    What Comes with Your Booth

    • A 9′  deep  x 10′ wide  booth with one 6′ skirted table, three grey side chairs, carpet, and a wastebasket.
    • Two 3′ side rails with curtains
    • A booth ID sign
    • Online resume database access from October 17 through December 5
    • One job posting, unlimited word count that begins on October 17 and expires on December 5
    • Two badges to access the Career Fair and the Exhibit Hall (entrance to educational sessions are NOT included). No one under 18 will be admitted to the halls or educational sessions.
    • A company profile in the Exhibits Guide (company name and a 35-word description) when you register by September 5.

    For more information, please see the Exhibitor Service Manual – coming in August.

    Note: Endcaps are not permitted in the ASHA Career Fair Exhibit Hall.


    Cancellation of exhibit space must be received in writing by mail, fax, or e-mail by the end of business day on August 29, 2016. Prior to August 29, 2016, the Association will refund the amount paid, less 25% of the total booth amount. Refunds may take up to 4 weeks to process. After August 29, 2016, the exhibitor forfeits the entire amount paid. Any exhibitor that signs up after August 29, 2016 will not be eligible for a refund.

  • Career Fair Booth Layout

    Find out where premium booths and university row is located in the Career Fair.


  • Hours

    Booth Set Up Wednesday, November 16, noon –6:00 pm Hours of Operation Thursday, November 17...Read More


  • How to Purchase

    Instructions for Returning Users*: *You have purchased a Career Fair booth or Online Job Posting...Read More


  • Payment

    Booth types vary (University Faculty, Standard, or Premium). A Visa, MasterCard, or American...Read More


  • Badges, Lunch Tickets, and Hotel Reservation

    After purchasing your booth, you can create badges and purchase lunch tickets for your...Read More


  • Resume Star Program

      Become a Resume Star! Employers volunteer to meet one-on-one with job seekers from all over...Read More


  • Customer Service

    Career Fair Customer Service

    Contact Customer Service at 888-491-8833, ext. 1014, or by e-mail at for help with any of the following system functionality questions:

    ■Problems using the system to purchase your interview booth

    ■Questions regarding booth assignments

    ■Resume search/job posting help

    ■Login/password help

    ■Scheduling interviews

    Forgot password


  • Career Fair Employers Checklist

    Career Fair Deadlines to Remember


    Talk to your Recruitment Advertising Representative about Convention Advertising Opportunities.


    Purchase your Career Fair interview booth.


    Registration and Housing Reservations Open Online

    If you are not a registered Convention attendee, create a profile for Career Fair badges. Career Fair exhibitors may access the Career Fair and the Exhibit Hall only. Each Career Fair booth comes with two badges. Each additional badge is $75. Badges do not include registration to educational sessions. If you are a registered Convention attendee, we will give you a pink ribbon for your badge. No one under 18 will be admitted into the Exhibit Hall or Educational Sessions.


    Exhibitor Service Manual available online. Includes information about shipping, electricity, furniture, etc.

    September 5

    Company Description for On-Site Exhibits Guide Due Online (35 words or less)

    Deadline for Career Fair Employers to be noted as a participant in the Resume Star Program in the On-site Exhibits Guide. Check off this designation on the Career Fair confirmation page when you login to your Career Center account.

    November 6

    Advance Warehouse Shipments Deadline

    All materials shipped in advance to the warehouse must arrive by this date in order for your freight to be in your booth upon arrival. See details in the Exhibitor Service Manual – to come August 2016.

    November 1

    Deadline to order lunch tickets for your Career Fair booth representatives. Each lunch ticket is $10.00. This is the same system that you will use to create badges.


    For help with any of the following system functionality questions:

    • Problems using the system to purchase your interview booth
    • Questions regarding booth assignments (End cap booths are not available.)
    • Resume search/job posting help
    • Login/password help
    • Scheduling interviews

    Call Career Center Customer Service at 888-491-8833, ext. 1014, or e-mail

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