Badges, Lunch Tickets, and Hotel Reservation

After purchasing your booth, you can create badges and purchase lunch tickets for your representatives.

You are eligible for two badges per booth. Each additional badge costs $75. You must be 18 or older to enter the halls and educational sessions.

Reserve your hotel here.

  • The first time you access this site, you will not see your company name listed. You must click the link under the header “Not Listed?” to create your company’s record.
  • Once you have created your record, click on the “Email Confirmation” button under the header “Email Confirmation to Badge Contact”. This will generate an e-mail with your password, which you will need to re-enter the site at any time.
  • If you do not receive your password, email to request it.

Your booth number is required to set up your profile.

Important: If you are a registered Convention Attendee, you do not need to have a separate badge. Pick up a pink Career Fair ribbon at Career Fair registration. This self-adhesive ribbon should be attached to your Convention Attendee badge. This ribbon will distinguish you as a Career Fair Recruiter. If you are not a registered Convention Attendee, follow the above steps to receive a Career Fair Only badge. Use this badge to access the Career Fair and Exhibit Hall. You will not be able to attend sessions or classes, or receive continuing education units unless you register for the Annual Convention. Badges will not be mailed.