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Reach ASHA and NSSLHA members where they live and work with your catalogs, flyers, samples, surveys, or personalized letters. With over 129,000 speech-language pathologists, 11,000 audiologists and 10,000 students that can be sorted using over 100 available categories, you can personalize your message and reach your target market.

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    Complete our FREE Mailing List Name Count Request Form to see all available selections and create a mailing list that suits your needs.

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    This will allow us to work with you to create a mailing list to suit your needs.  Once we receive your form, we will run it through our datacenter for name counts. In a few days, we will contact you with your name count and work with you to finalize your list.

    Please note that you are under no obligation to buy our list once you’ve submitted this form.

  • Statistics

    ASHA mailing lists are a great starting place for advertising local events or your small businesses...Read More


  • How to Order a Mailing List

    Here is an easy checklist to order a mailing list:

    __Step 1.  Complete our Mailing List Name Count Request Form.

    __Step 2.  Review ASHA CEU guidelines,  if you are an ASHA CEU provider.

    __Step 3.  Receive counts from ASHA and make any revisions.

    __Step 4.  Approve counts and complete Mailing List Order Form [PDF].

    __Step 5.  Submit order form and sample mail piece via email or fax.

    Please allow 5-10 working days from receipt of your complete order to receive your list.

  • Rates and Discounts

    The ASHA and NSSHLA list price is 21 cents per name. There is a 1,000 name minimum charge for all...Read More


  • Mailing List Policies

    Mailing lists include names and physical mailing addresses. ASHA does not sell or rent member email...Read More


  • Guidelines for Promoting ASHA CEUs

    All mail pieces promoting ASHA CEUs are reviewed to make certain that the piece conforms to...Read More


  • ASHA Area of Expertise Definitions

    Definitions Use these definitions to help you choose options when filling out the ASHA Mailing List...Read More


  • Attendee Hot List

    In order to attract new customers and drive sales, it is important to target your message to the...Read More


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