CE Attendees

Video: Hear from a convention attendee who was born with profound hearing loss. Being an audiologist gives her the opportunity to make a difference.

Reach more than 155,000 ASHA professionals seeking continuing education opportunities in order to maintain certification and state licensure.

To aid your marketing planning, ASHA has developed a CE Target Market core selections sheet to help you get started.


ASHA professionals are required to obtain CEUs to keep their certification. Discover more about CE seekers & how to reach them.


Marketing Opportunities

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    The ASHA Leader

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  • ASHA Connect

    This summer conference attracts speech-language pathologists in schools, private practice and...Read More

  • ASHA Connect Program Guide Advertising

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  • ASHA Corporate Partner Program

    The ASHA Corporate Partner Program offers companies an opportunity to create a dialogue with the...Read More

  • Exhibit at ASHA Convention

    10,000 to 14,000 audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language, and hearing...Read More

  • Convention Sponsorships

    EXHIBITORS! Increase your Impact, Visibility, & SALES DRIVE ATTENDEES TO YOUR BOOTH! 47% of...Read More

  • Program Book

    Reach Convention attendees through this must-carry publication...

  • ASHA Event Sponsorship Opportunities

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  • Convention News E-newsletters

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  • ASHA Events

    Events Section of www.asha.org

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  • ASHA Online Conferences

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  • ASHAwire

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  • CEUFind

    CEUFind Banner Ads

    Highlight your course where professionals are already searching for CE opportunities

  • ASHA Community E-mail Digests

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