ASHA Community

This exclusive, targeted marketing opportunity will land your message in the inboxes of CSD professionals and students. The ASHA Community offers a wide variety of discussion groups where members can interact with one another. As members post their messages, real-time and daily digest e-newsletters are generated, keeping members well-informed of the conversations.

This is an exclusive opportunity. Only one company’s ad can appear within each discussion group each month. Book your ad space before your competitors!

Circulation & Rates

Advertisers may only lock in 3 consecutive months at a time. There is no first right of refusal option. Prices subject to change based on number of subscribers and e-newsletters generated. Number of impressions is not guaranteed and is based on how many members start a discussion thread and/or post comments in a given month.

Discussion Group Subscribers Average Digest E-newsletters Sent per Month Open Rate Average Exclusive Impressions per Month Monthly Rate
Audiology/Hearing* 2,043 17K 33% 5.9K $250
Autism 2,140 18.4K 27% 5K $500
Early Intervention 2,002 19K 27% 5.1K $500
Education** 6,850 185K 34% 55K $1,600
NSSLHA Students 13,015 239K 23% 54K $1,600
Research 1,302 8.5K 27% 2.3K $250
SLP Health Care 2,087 25K 26% 6.5K $550
SLP Private Practice 1,436 21.4K 29% 6.3K $500
SLP Schools 2,382 49K 28% 13.7K $1,100
SLP Technology 1,953 8.7K 27% 2.4K $250
SIG 1: Language Learning & Education 4,230 123K 29% 35.6K $1,100
SIG 2: Neurogenic Communication Disorders 3,166 84K 30% 25.5K $1,100
SIG 3: Voice and Upper Airway Disorders 2,001 50K 36% 18K $750
SIG 4: Fluency & Fluency Disorders 1,014 17K 37% 6.3K $500
SIG 5: Craniofacial & Velopharyngeal Disorders 636 9K 37% 3.3K $250
SIG 12: Augmentative & Alternative Communication 3,160 87K 30% 26K $1,100
SIG 13: Swallowing & Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia) 7,428 248K 29% 72K $1,600
SIG 14: Cultural & Linguistic Diversity 1,479 28.8K 32% 9.3K $500
SIG 15: Gerontology 973 10K 29% 3.1K $500
SIG 17: Global Issues in CSD 466 5.1K 35% 1.7K $250
SIG 18: Telepractice 2,000 30K 32% 8K $550
SIG 19: Speech Science 365 2.9K 34% 1K $250

*Audiology/Hearing includes:

  • The Audiology Discussion Group
  • SIG 6: Hearing & Hearing Disorders—Research & Diagnostics
  • SIG 7: Aural Rehabilitation & Its Instrumentation
  • SIG 8: Audiology & Public Health
  • SIG 9: Hearing & Hearing Disorders in Childhood

**Education includes:

  • SIG 10: Issues in Higher Education
  • SIG 11: Administration & Supervision
  • SIG 16: School-Based Issues

Ad Specs

All ads are Medium Rectangle (300w x 250d) in size. For optimum reproduction quality, your materials should be sent according to our specifications.


The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is the national professional, scientific, and credentialing association for members and affiliates who are audiologists, speech-language pathologists, speech, language, and hearing scientists, audiology and speech-language pathology support personnel, and students.



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