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ASHA Now is a biweekly, customizable e-newsletter that provides members and subscribers with the latest clinical information, professional practice tips, ASHA Leader articles, research, ASHA updates, important deadlines, CE and employment opportunities, and more. The e-newsletter offers exclusive marketing opportunities including premium job listings and the opportunity to highlight your CE offering.

Content will be delivered dynamically to professionals based on the following target markets:


  • 92% of ASHA professionals indicated that ASHA Now is a very valuable as a source of news and information1
  • The primary source of ASHA news and information is The ASHA Leader, followed by the ASHA website and ASHA Now e-newsletter1


  • 204,000+ ASHA members and subscribers
  • Published 22 times per year (sent every other Tuesday)


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Target Markets Subscribers Inventory 1x Rate Per Issue 3x Rate 6x Rate
All Subscribers 204,300 2 $4,000 $3,840 $3,640
All SLP-Related Subscribers* 184,000 2 $3,500 $3,360 $3,185
Academics and Researchers 28,300 1 $595 $570 $540
Audiology 36,600 1 $795 $765 $725
SLP Health Care 122,600 1 $1,995 $1,915 $1,815
SLP Schools 125,500 1 $1,995 $1,915 $1,815

*Includes SLP Health Care; SLP Schools; and Researchers and Academics target markets

Ad Unit: CE Course Links

CE Course Links are available only to ASHA-approved CE providers. Your listing includes course title, date of event, location, and link to your web page. Offering for all targets should be of interest to the vast majority of ASHA members.

Target Market Word Limit Inventory 1x Rate Per Issue
Your Choice of Target Market 25 words max 3 $395/per market
All SLP-Related Subscribers* 25 words max 2 $595/all markets

*Includes SLP Health Care; SLP Schools; and Researchers and Academics target markets

Ad Unit: Job Posting Links

Job posting links are available when you purchase an add-on for the ASHA Career Portal. Postings include job title, company name, city/state of the job vacancy, and a link to the ASHA Career Portal. Contact your recruitment advertising sales representative for more information about how to include your listing in this e-newsletter.

Target Market Inventory 1x Rate Per Issue
Your Choice of Target Market 3 $300 add-on


2023 Broadcast Date Space Deadline Art Deadline
January 10 December 13 December 27
January 24 December 27 January 10
February 7 January 10 January 24
February 21 January 24 February 7
March 7 February 7 February 21
March 21 February 21 March 7
April 4 March 7 March 21
April 18 March 21 April 4
May 2 April 4 April 18
May 16 April 18 May 2
May 30 May 2 May 16
June 13 May 16 May 30
June 27 May 30 June 13
July 11 June 13 June 27
July 25 June 27 July 11
August 8 July 11 July 25
August 22 July 25 August 8
September 5 August 8 August 22
September 19 August 22 September 5
October 3 September 5 September 19
October 17 September 19 October 3
October 31 October 3 October 17
November 14 October 17 October 31
November 28 October 31 November 14
December 12 November 14 November 28

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1 ASHA Now Survey (2020)


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