Elevate Package Company Profile Set Up

ASHA Solution CenterCreating your profile can be quick and easy if you have all the necessary elements. The checklist below will help you prepare and gather the information and images you'll need to set up your profile. You can always update and add more content as needed. As you're building content for your pages, consider some feedback from ASHA members regarding what they want to know.

How to use products in practice to help us decide if it makes sense or not to invest.

I would love to see videos on technology incorporated into speech therapy and how different software can improve the overall work environment.

The content I am interested in includes AAC devices, hearing aids/cochlear implants, ASL, Autism Spectrum Disorder, cleft lip and palate.


To complete your profile, you will need:

  • Brand/company’s UX colors (optional)
  • Company logo (210 px x 120 px or 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Company tagline/mission (optional)
  • Website and mailing address
  • Company description (appears in thumbnail and homepage)
  • 5 call-to-action buttons
    • Display text
      • CTA buttons labels should be no more than 40 characters with spaces, such as:
        • Schedule a Call
        • Request a Sample(Demo)(Quote)
        • Join Our Mailing List
        • Contact Us
        • Buy Online
        • Like Us on Facebook
        • Follow Us on Twitter
      • URL
      • Suggested usage:
        • Link to lead generation form on your website
        • Link to a specific page on your company’s website or within the ASHA Solution Center
        • Link to a calendar scheduler to set up a consultation
        • Send to your email – (format with mailto:XXX@mycompany.com)

Video, photos, and downloadable resources can be used on your profile or individual product pages. The maximum number shown below is the total you can post under your package. 
Need more? Contact SolutionCenter@asha.org to upgrade your package.

  • Videos (max 10; 500 MB max per video)
    • Title
    • Description
  • Photos (max 20; 10 MB max per image)
    • Image (minimum size: 300 px x 300 px)
    • Caption (optional)
  • Downloadable Resources (max 10; 20 MB and 5-page max per PDF)
    • PDFs
    • Title
    • Description
    • Suggested uploads:
      • How-to use your product/service
      • Whitepapers
      • Newsletters
      • eBooks
      • Product documentation
      • Promotional material
      • Coupons
      • Research studies

Product and Services

  • Productor service names
  • Descriptions
  • Images (minimum size: 210 px x 120 px)

Feature Content Post

  • Suggested feature content on the ASHA Solution Center homepage:
    • Promote a productor service
    • Highlight a video
    • Link to outside URL
  • Headline (max 65 characters)
  • Banner image (220 px x 124 px)

Banner Ads

  • ASHA Stream Banner Ad (728 px x 90 px or 300 px x 250 px)
  • ASHA Solution Center Billboard Ad (970 px x 250 px)

Feature Content Post

Your sales rep will work with you to develop your thought leadership video.

Multimedia Specs

Image/Thumbnail Location Default Required Size
Company Logo 210 px x 120 px (16:9 Ratio)
Featured Content Banner 220 px x 124 px
ASHA Stream Banner Ad 728 px x 90 px or 300 px x 250 px
ASHA Solution Center Billboard Ad 970 px x 250 px
Media Item Size Limit
Medium Size of Any One Video 500 MB
Maximum Size of Any One Photo File 10 MB
Maximum Size of Any One PDF File; Five-Page Limit per Document 20 MB
Package Items Quantity Allowed
Videos Allowed per Company 10
Photos Allowed per Company 15
PDF Documents per Company 10
CTA Buttons Linked to Custom URL Landing Pages 5


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