Guidelines for Promoting ASHA CEUs

All mail pieces promoting ASHA CEUs are reviewed to make certain that the piece conforms to ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) standards and requirements. Please review the guidelines to ensure quick approval.

Effective October 1, 2017:

  1. Advertising cannot include phrases such as free CEUs, free ASHA CEUs, or any language implying or suggesting the award of ASHA CEUs at no cost. If a course is being offered for ASHA CEUs, the wording of the course itself or any promotional material announcing that course should not state that the course includes CEUs or includes ASHA CEUs. In this context, includes is synonymous with free.
    • ASHA CEUs are never “free.” It is considered false advertising to claim that “free ASHA CEUs” are being offered. In order to earn ASHA CEUs, course attendees must be eligible to earn ASHA CEUs, must have successfully completed the course offered for ASHA CEUs, and must have paid the ASHA CE Registry fee for the year in which they completed the course.
    • The only instance in which ASHA CEUs could be offered for free is if the ASHA Approved CE Provider pays the annual ASHA CE Registry fee for each course participant requesting ASHA CEUs and the participant is eligible to earn ASHA CEUs.
    • The word free may be used when advertising a course with no registration fee. If a course registration is free, but the purchase of an item or items related to the course is required to participate in the course—for example, a book or a device—this must be disclosed in the advertising.
  2. When an ad references credit being offered, the specific types of CEUs, credit, or hours being offered must be identified. For example, use ASHA CEUs not CEUs; LSLS CEUs not CEUs; or Professional Development Hours (PDH) not hours.
  3. The acronym “CEU” should not be used to mean “course.” For example, instead of saying New CEUs, say New courses for ASHA CEUs.

Review the examples and guidance on the correct use of the terms “CEU” and “ASHA CEU.” [PDF]

Mailing list purchases can be delayed when the mail piece does not comply with ASHA CEB requirements. Coordinating with your organization’s ASHA Continuing Education Administrator (CEA) before submitting your mail piece for review will help to ensure your mail piece meets the ASHA CEB requirements, thus expediting the availability of your mailing list.

Checklist to Prepare for the ASHA CEU Mail Piece Review Process

  • Contact your organization’s ASHA Continuing Education Administrator (CEA)
    • Unsure of who your ASHA CEA is? Contact the ASHA List Manager to find out
  • Have your organization’s CEA review the following:
    • ASHA CE Provider Brand Block
    • ASHA CEU Sentence
    • Instructor Disclosure
    • Course Content Disclosure (if applicable)
    • Financial/In-kind Support Disclosure (if applicable)
  • Test links—all links included in the mail piece will be checked to ensure that members receiving the piece can access any and all information described
  • Submit the final version of the marketing piece, not a draft

This is not an exhaustive list, but commonly missed details when submitting mail pieces for review. For all CEB requirements, please review the Requirements for the Purchase of Mailing Lists When Promoting Continuing Education Courses Offered for ASHA CEUs.


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