Sales Tax

Why ASHA Needs to Collect Sales Tax

The 2018 Supreme Court decision gave states the right to require businesses to collect and remit sales tax based on a business’s economic presence (i.e., Internet sales) and not just physical presence. The Wayfair decision also raised awareness of the obligation to collect and remit state and local sales tax.

In most states, the obligation to collect and remit sales tax is determined by the type of goods and services that an organization sells, rather than by the type of entity doing the selling.

Who Is Charged Sales Tax

Each state determines which goods and services are taxable in its jurisdiction. For physical goods and services, ASHA will use the purchaser’s shipping address to determine if and how the purchaser is taxed. For all other goods and services—those that are not shipped—ASHA will use the purchaser’s billing address to determine the purchaser’s tax obligation.

An organization may submit its state sales tax exemption certificate to ASHA; this will ensure that ASHA does not add sales tax to transactions.

Managing Organizations With a Tax Exemption Certificate

If the organization presents a valid state sales tax exemption certificate, then ASHA will not add sales tax to that organization’s transactions. 

Before placing an order, please confirm that we have your organization’s state sales tax exemption certificate on file. If we do not, please email your organization’s certificate to at least three business days prior to placing your order.

Once ASHA approves the certificate, the orders you place on behalf of your organization will be exempt from sales tax. If you have questions regarding the sales tax exemption certificate submission process, please email


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